Reduce the stress of packing for your holiday

How to reduce the stress of packing for your holiday

Whether it is your first holiday or you are a regular traveller, packing for your holiday can be very stressful. Maybe even more so if you are packing for a family holiday and need to think about baby and toddler essentials. At Bel-Air Gites we think we have a solution to help reduce your stress levels. And as well as helping you decide what to pack, it will also help you remember to take everything back home with you.

You need a holiday checklist.

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Where to start

First of all, what type of holiday is it? Packing for your holiday will depend on whether it’s family holiday, a romantic weekend for two, or a meet up with friends. Will you be spending time on the beach or hiking through the woods? And what is the average temperature at your holiday location? We can’t help you plan for every eventuality, but hopefully our hints and tips can start you off on the right track, whatever you are planning.

When you know the sort of holiday you have got planned then you can start your holiday checklist. And here’s how we start our list.


Although you might be thinking hairdryer, we are actually talking real ‘essentials’. The things that are going to get you from home to fantastic holiday and back again.

  1. Valid passports. Check you have got passports for all the family members you are travelling with. Are they valid and is the expiry date correct for where you are going? For some countries your passport expiry date has to be at least 6 months after your return date.
  2. Flight tickets, ferry tickets. Printed off and kept with the passports. Some airlines now over digital tickets. If that’s the case with yours then make sure they are saved online where you can find them quickly and easily when you are at the boarding gate.
  3. Travel Insurance. It’s vitally important that your travel insurance covers all members of your party for the whole period of your trip. Make sure it’s valid for non-essential travel and for any activities you might have planned while your away. For example jet skiing, scuba diving and zip wires might not be covered on a standard policy.
  4. Credit cards, cash and foreign currency. Exchange rates and other transaction fees can cost more when you are abroad, so think about getting your holiday money or a currency card before you go.
  5. Driving Licence and driving permits. Make sure your licence is valid for the countries you are driving through, and check if you need any other driving permits. Make sure vehicle insurance and breakdown cover is sufficient for your whole trip.
  6. Visas. Do you need any travel visas for the country you are going to? If so, apply early to make sure they arrive in time for your trip.
  7. Medicines. If anyone in your party has to take regular medication, make sure that you have enough for your trip.
  8. Keys. Sounds obvious doesn’t it? But you would be surprised how many of our guests phone us when they get home and ask did we find any house-keys in their gite. If you have a spare key, then leave it with a friend or neighbour.
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Family Holiday Checklist

How many times have you forgotten something and had to buy another on holiday? When you are away there are things you probably wouldn’t think of using at home, such as insect repellent or flip-flops.

Here are a few items that you should be packing for your holiday, whether you are coming to Bel-Air Gites or going elsewhere.

For the Car

  • Blanket(s)
  • Baby wipes
  • Tissues
  • Toys, games and reading material for the journey
  • Car window shade
  • Nappy changing bag
  • Booster seats
  • First aid kit

For the pool, beach and Bel-Air Gites

  • Sunglasses
  • Flip-flops
  • Suncream
  • Swimwear, flotation aids, swimming goggles
  • Insect repellent
  • Beach ball or inflatables
  • Sun hats
  • Beach towels

What we provide

Having a break at Bel-Air Gites takes a lot of the stress out of packing for your holiday. Because we want it to be your best family holiday we start by providing all the basic kiddie essentials. Whether you have babies, toddlers or bigger kids, at Bel-Air gites you will find everything you need to make this your family’s home-from-home.

We pride ourselves on being ‘child-friendly’ which means that in the gites you will find everything you need, including:

  • Cots and linen, high-chairs, pushchairs, baby baths, stair gates, changing mats, baby monitors, booster seats, potties and toilet trainer seats.
  • Steriliser bags, child steps, bath/shower non-slip mats, child-proof cupboard and window locks, bath toys and children’s cutlery
  • Hand blender, night lights, blackout blinds and much more!

There is no extra charge for baby equipment or towels for the length of your holiday. And if you can think of something that we haven’t listed just let us know, and we will do our best to provide it.


There’s a large selection of toys, books, DVD’s, indoor and outdoor games. Our large playground is full of swings, a slide, climbing frame, trampoline and tunnels. And the large, heated outdoor pool is fenced in and securely gated so children cannot get in or out unsupervised.

For your safety

At Bel-Air Gites the safety of our guests and staff is high priority, so naturally we have to impose a few restrictions due to the coronavirus. We have worked hard to ensure that the restrictions do not stop you enjoying your holiday. And we are following the guidelines issued by the French Government and Health Organisations.

Each gite now has an allocated area with sun loungers by the pool. The loungers are disinfected every evening, and there is disinfectant available for guests to clean them during the day. There is a limit of 10 people in the pool area at any time, so we ask our guests to be mindful of other guests who might be waiting to use the pool.

Unfortunately the games room will be closed, but we have provided a box of DVDs and toys in each gite. The playground and trampoline are still accessible, and they are disinfected each evening. As is always the case, for all our amenities we leave it up to the parents to decide whether their children should use them or not.

If you have any questions or concerns about booking your next family holiday at Bel-Air Gites then please get in touch now. We want you and your family to be happy and feel safe during your entire stay with us.

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