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We are extremely fortunate at Bel-Air Gites to be surrounded by beautiful countryside and stunning scenery. But whether it’s small or large, nothing beats having your own space. Our gite complex has acres of garden which is great for guests, but takes time and money to keep it looking good all year. That’s why we have been scouring the internet (and rummaging through cupboards!) to find some cheap and cheerful garden ideas.

At this time of year, before guests start to arrive, we would normally be visiting some of the public gardens in the region to get ideas. Sadly this year is very different for all of us. Instead of going out we are staying in and learning to improvise with some inexpensive ideas for the garden and gites.

Recycle old pans into new planters

We often buy new pots and pans for the gites or just for ourselves. And have also acquired a few from the local ‘broccantes’ (the french version of a car boot or flea market).

Because pans in particular are hard-wearing, they are ideal as an alternative planter. You just need a couple of drainage holes punctured in the bottom before potting your plants.

Old ladders used as a plant display

cheap and cheerful for kitchen or garden

This was an idea that a friend of mine shared with me. She painted an old step-ladder and then used it in the kitchen as shelving for some of her herbs and indoor plants, but it would also look great outside in the garden.

Solar lights

We love this idea because fairy lights in the garden add to the ambience of al fresco dining. Strings of small solar- or battery-powered lights in jars placed around the patio, or even draped around the door frames, cast a pretty glow over the garden after dark. They are a simple solution that doesn’t have to cost a lot and can be brought indoors to brighten up the dining table or a child’s bedroom.

Wherever you live, we hope you are enjoying some warm, dry weather. And that you have some outside space that you can call your own.

Please Stay Safe.

If you have any cheap and cheerful garden ideas, Bel-Air Gites would love to hear them. Please comment below or contact us by email.

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