Banish Winter Blues. Think Sunshine and Bel-Air Gites

Banish the Winter Blues

forget the rain and think about the summer

If ever we needed a glass of mulled wine, twinkling lights on a Christmas tree and carol-singers on the doorstep, it would be now! Winter is finally upon us. There’s a definite drop in temperature, more rain, shorter days, and long dark nights. We are all feeling a little bit sluggish at Bel-Air Gites, so we have been looking at ways to banish the winter blues. And we are going to do this by looking and planning ahead.

Ready to hibernate

None of us can really justify hibernating for 4 months until springtime, so we will have to get active. We need to find ways to push through the ‘winter blues’, and not dwell on the events of 2020. Even though Christmas is just around the corner, we are looking ahead to the New Year more than ever before. Our plans for Christmas are all in hand so we will (hopefully) avoid unnecessary stress. Christmas dinner is all planned out, and the presents have been bought and wrapped. This year we might even find time to relax over the holidays, and read a book or watch a film.

Keep in touch

Not seeing loved ones can have a negative impact but thanks to modern technology it’s easy to stay in touch. Social time spent virtually with friends and family has helped remind us that people are thinking of us. And what better time to speak to people than over Christmas, especially as some people may still be self-isolating.

Planning ahead

One thing that works to banish the winter blues, for us anyway, is to start planning. The garden doesn’t need much work in the winter, but it doesn’t mean we can forget about it. So when we open our gates to guests next year it’s not just the gites that have to be in tip-top condition. It’s the gardens, pool and children’s play areas too. Because we would hate to disappoint any of our returning regulars and new guests. We have a few little changes in the pipeline as well, so make sure you keep a close eye on our website and Facebook page.

Think Sunshine and Bel-Air Gites

To help banish the winter blues and get you thinking about the summer sun, here’s a little reminder of what you can find in and around Bel-Air Gites.

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Make 2021 the year to remember – for all the right reasons. A wonderful family holiday, making happy memories that will last a life-time.

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Pastry Day December 9th

Let’s Celebrate with a French Pastry!

French Pastries – spoilt for choice

If you had to choose just one favourite French pastry then what would it be?

December 9th is Pastry Day so this calls for a celebration! But there are so many to choose from this is going to be a very difficult decision. And it doesn’t help that the patisserie window is always such a beautiful, eye-catching display of gateaux and French pastry. Perhaps we need a French Pastry Week. What do you think?

It takes a tremendous amount of effort to pass a boulangerie or patisserie, especially early in the morning. Because that’s when the rainbow-coloured pastries on display are supported by the enticing aroma of freshly baked bread.

french pastry on display

List of the Best French Pastries

You’ll never know the real taste of France, until you have tried at least one of each of these pastries.

This is just a small selection of some of Bel-Air Gites’ favourites, in no particular order. Each one has it’s own delicious merits so as far as we are concerned they are all at Number 1.

Éclair au Chocolat – I don’t know how the French manage to make this amazing moist filling that creates such an overall deep chocolatey sensation. The icing starts to melt in your mouth as soon as you take the first bite. (My mouth is watering already, and we have only just started the list!) Some patisseries also make a coffee version, which I’m told is equally as good, but personally I prefer my coffee in a cup rather than a cake.

Gateau St. Honoré – named after the patron saint of French bakers and pastry chefs. Small profiteroles are dipped in sugar and attached to the top of the circle. This base is traditionally filled with crème chiboust and finished with whipped cream using a special St. Honoré piping tip.

Image credit – wikipedia

Mille-Feuille – You might know a slightly different version as a vanilla slice. But the French version, sometimes called a Napoleon, is even more delicious. It has extra layers of buttery pastry, vanilla pastry cream and a thin layer of smooth icing on the top.

Image credit –

Paris-Brest – A sandwich cake made of two round wheels with lots of thick coffee cream inside, and slivers of peanut on the top. Apparently it got it’s name from the bike race between Paris and Brest, because the gateau is shaped like a wheel.

paris brest gateau frecnh pastry
Image credit : Jordane Mathieu

Tasty Tartes

Tarte au citron – For all the lemon-flavour lovers out there. This is a crunchy pastry basket full of amazingly zingy soft lemon filling. A bit like a lemon meringue pie, but without the meringue! There’s also a Tarte Chocolat – Same as the citron, but with a soft gooey rich chocolatey paste. And who can resist a crunchy Tarte Tatin – an open apple tart, it’s baked pastry side up and then flipped over before serving.

Lemon tarte
Tarte au Citron

Macarons – All colours and tastes. Probably the French pastry that’s most popular with our Bel-Air Gites guests because macarons are nicely boxed and travel well. Assuming they make it back! Strawberry, mango, pistachio, chocolate – you name it, you can get it. There are more combinations than you can possibly imagine. It’s probably why they’re are so popular.

french pastry macarons - all colours and all flavours
Multi-coloured Macarons

Bake and Stay?

Why not have a go at making your own macarons? Send us some photos, or better still, bring a few with you next time you come and stay at Bel-Air Gites.

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New Beaujolais Festival

When is Beaujolais Nouveau Day?

Beaujolais Nouveau 2020

Every year wine-lovers around the world wait patiently for November. This is the month when they can celebrate the release of that world-famous wine, Beaujolais Nouveau. Under French law, the wine is released at 12:01am on the third Thursday of every November. And (in normal circumstances) there are parties all over France, and in other countries, celebrating it’s release with fireworks, dancing and music.

It’s Beaujolais Nouveau Time!

The Beaujolais vineyards cover an area of approximately 22,500 hectares and 12 different quality wine-producing areas, or ‘appellations’. So not surprisingly, there will be a lot of celebrating going on. There are around 120 Beaujolais Nouveau related festivals held in the Beaujolais region every year. 

The most famous of these is Les Sarmentelles, held in the town of Beaujeu, the capital of the Beaujolais region. Starting on the eve of Beaujolais Nouveau Day, the five-day festival includes wine tasting (obviously), live music and dancing. During the afternoon on Beaujolais Nouveau Day, there are wines and local foods to sample. There is also a tasting competition featuring all twelve ‘appellations’ of Beaujolais. The prize for the winner is his or her weight in Beaujolais-Villages wine. Later on in the evening, a torch lit parade honours the farmers that made the wine. Then at midnight fireworks mark the official release of the new Beaujolais wine, and the revellers drink until dawn. It’s guaranteed to be a festive atmosphere!

The race is on

In November 1951, the ‘Union Interprofessionnelle des Vins du Beaujolais’ (UIVB) formally set the release date. Marketing of the wine capitalised on it’s fast distribution. So the race was on to see who could get the first bottles to Paris. In the 1960s, English clubs rewarded the drivers who returned the quickest and with the most wine. And so it continued. There was more and more media coverage, until by the 1970s it became a national event. Legend has it that some of the transport used to carry the wine included an elephant, a hot-air balloon and Concorde.

vineyard beaujolais nouveau
Image credit – Henri Guerin on Unsplash

Because of all the marketing attention it became necessary to review the shipping date. Eventually, in 1985, the date was changed to the third Thursday in November to take advantage of marketing it the following weekend. Nowadays, the wine is sent to retailers a few days ahead of the release date, with strict instructions not to sell it until 12.01am on the third Thursday.


Beaujolais Nouveau is a young red wine, made from the Gamay grape and bottled 6–8 weeks after harvest. The resulting wine is fresh, fruity, and very low in tannins. However, unlike other wines it is not one that improves with age, so it is best for immediate drinking. Serve it slightly chilled at around 13 °C (55 °F).

Charentais specialties

We might not have Beaujolais on our Bel-Air Gites doorstep, but we do have an equally wonderful variety of wines and spirits, and delicious local dishes. Food-wise there are so many fantastic Charentais specialities you will be spoilt for choice. Take your pick from oysters, éclade (smoked mussels with pine needles), chaudrée (fish soup), or galette charentaise. Washed down with Cognac or the local Pineau des Charentes.

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Mont d’Or Cheese Season

Mont d’Or Cheese Season has started

Everyone in France is talking about cheese. You might not think that is unusual, seeing as the French are well-known for their love of cheese. But this is one particular type of cheese. It’s not available throughout the whole year, which is why everyone is trying to get their hands on it. The Mont d’Or cheese is so special, it has it’s own season which runs from September 10th until May.

Mont d’Or is a seasonal cows’ milk cheese that can only be produced from August 15th to March 31st. It is made in France and Switzerland, and is packaged in round spruce boxes, similar to Camembert.

When it is fully ripe after two to three months, the crust of the cheese surrounds a gooey-textured cheese that has a mild, sweet, creamy taste. Because it’s so soft it’s traditionally eaten with a spoon. However, we think it is just perfect for dunking in a warm fresh baguette.

Cheese Stats

“How can you govern a country which has 246 varieties of cheese?”

Charles de Gaulle, in “Les Mots du General”, 1962

It’s difficult to find up to date statistics about cheese, but in France they produce around 400 different varieties, with numerous variations. Nobody knows for sure, but if you can find out please let me know. I wonder what Charles de Gaulle would have to say about that.

french cheeses Mont d'or cheese

The typical French person will eat around 26 kg of cheese a year. Again this is just an estimate, but why not, if there is so much choice? In the UK the cheese course is usually ‘optional’. However, here in France it’s nearly always included, even at lunch time, and it’s served before the dessert.

Farmer’s Markets

Mont d’Or cheese is available in the bigger supermarkets, but if you want the freshest, tastiest cheeses then we recommend buying some from the local farmer’s markets. Not only will you pick up some great local produce, but we think the market is probably one of the most authentic French experiences you could ever find.

But don’t just take our word for it. Come and find out for yourself. Our child-friendly accommodation is popular with families, and groups of friends holidaying together. We have already started taking bookings for 2021, so don’t leave it too long.

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Know your Boules from your Bowls

Boules – contender for the Paris Olympics?

The French are very passionate about their beloved game of Pétanque. And contrary to popular belief, it isn’t only played by old men drinking Pastis. Women take part too, and it’s also popular with the younger generation. In fact, Pétanque (or boules) can be played by anyone, young or old, male or female. And with the 2024 Olympic games due to be held in Paris, it couldn’t be a more perfect time for petanque to be recognised as an Olympic event.

The ‘Confédération Mondiale des Sports de Boules’ have been lobbying for inclusion in the games since 1985. But sadly, the organising committee for the Paris games have already decided that it isn’t to be. Instead the new events could include break-dancing, skateboarding, climbing and surfing.

Origins of the game

Most French people would probably like you to believe that they invented the game of boules. However, its origins can be traced back a very long way. The people of ancient Greece and Egypt used to play games tossing coins and stones. But it was the Romans who came up with the idea of aiming at a target. In this case, the boules target is called a ‘cochonnet’ or piglet. It’s very similar to the jack used in crown green bowling.

Image credit – Egor Mizynik on Unsplash

The name comes from the french words pieds tanqués, meaning ‘feet planted’ (on the ground). This has gradually evolved into the current name, pétanque. It is also commonly referred to as boules, which is the name for the set of three metal balls used to play it. Boules are much smaller and lighter than the typical bowl used in crown green bowling.

The ‘terrain’

Unlike bowls, pétanque can be played on almost any flat, open space. When an area is constructed specifically for playing petanque, the ‘terrain’ is usually just loose gravel. Sandy beaches are not really suitable for playing with the heavy metal boules, but lighter, plastic boules are available. These are great for the beach, and of course we have a set at Bel-Air Gites that our guests can use during their stay.

In France, you will quite often see village squares and park pathways being used as pétanque playing areas. In addition, a lot of towns have recreational facilities (boulodromes) built especially for playing the game.

How to Play

Our advice for playing boules is don’t take it too seriously. Anyone can play and as it’s generally a team game, have a mix of ages and abilities on each team. Flip a coin to see who plays first. A member from the team that won the toss should toss the jack in any direction. It should be about 6 – 10 metres away from them. And a couple of metres from any object that might interfere with someone’s throw, a tree for example.

After throwing the jack a member of the same team throws the first boule. They have to try to get it as close to the jack as possible. Then a member from the second team throws. They either try and knock their opponents boule out of the way, or throw to get closer to the jack. If they succeed in either of these then they have the lead. The team that isn’t closest to the jack must play the next boule. And so on until they are closest to the jack, or run out of boules.

Count the scores

After all boules have been thrown, the team whose best boule is closest to the jack wins the round. The winning team gets one point for each of their boules that is closer to the jack than the losing team’s closest boule. The losing team don’t score any points. The winning team starts the next round in the same way as the first one, tossing the jack and throwing the first boule.

Don’t worry, if you don’t understand the rules. We will happily show you how to play when you come over for your next holiday.

Way of life

The reason why we love playing boules is because it is a great game for all the family. There’s no running around after a ball, and it can be played almost anywhere. When it’s hot, as it is now in the sunny Charente-Maritime, then play boules under the trees in the shade.

For the adults, why not try it with a glass of Pastis? Who knows, maybe you will enjoy the french way of life as much as we do. And you will want to come back to Bel-Air child-friendly gites year after year, for more fantastic, fun-filled family holidays.

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Barbecue-time at Bel-Air!

Summer is finally here at Bel-Air Gites so it’s time to fire up the BBQ

It’s been stopping and starting for the last couple of months. A few lovely warm dry days, followed by warm wet ones. But now the forecast for our beautiful area in the Charente-Maritime is ‘scorchio’. So we are washing down the patio furniture and stocking up on fantastic, fresh local produce. It’s barbecue-time at Bel-Air Gites!

Fresh from the market

There are some great local farmer’s markets where you can buy everything you need for your barbecue. From locally-sourced meat – chicken, pork and amazing Charentais beef; home-grown vegetables, creamy cheeses and fresh crusty bread. If you get up early enough, you can even grab yourself some freshly-caught fish or seafood at Royan market


Our guests know that when the sun is shining, we provide everything you need to make your family barbecue-time absolutely perfect. All our gites are fully-equipped with crockery, cutlery, barbecues and you have your own private patio area.

What are your family’s favourite things to cook on the barbecue? We have put together a few quick and easy recipes for you to try out. Tell us which ones you like the best.

1. Vegan kebabs with avocado dressing – This is so tasty, instead of the dressing, you can crush the avocado with a fork and make delicious guacamole instead.

2. Grilled veg – takes a little longer to cook to make sure the veg are soft and delicious, but we especially love aubergines on the BBQ. Serve with a crisp, fresh salad.

3. BBQ Corn-on-the-cob with melted comté cheese – we find that comté cheese gives this dish a bit of extra oomph.

4. Perfect Barbecued chicken – if you can marinade the chicken overnight it definitely makes it more succulent and tasty.

corn on the cob
Hot corn on the cob

Tips to help you barbecue safely

If you’re unsure about how to light the charcoals, or worried about burning your kebabs, then read ‘tips on starting a barbecue‘, and how to tell when the coals are ready for cooking.

I don’t know about you, but looking at all those delicious dishes has made my mouth water.

Have you got any favourite barbecue-time memories? Were they at home or on holiday? We would love to hear them.

And you can have lots of fantastic family fun here at Bel-Air Gites. We are filling up fast for next summer. Get in touch with us and start planning your family holiday today.

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Chai patio overlooking meadow
Our gites have a barbecue and private patio

Food & Drink Charentais Specialities

Fish and seafood lovers in particular will admit that they have a bit of a ‘foodie’ love-affair with the Charente-Maritime. But whatever you prefer, we’re sure you’ll find something to tickle your taste buds. Here we list a few of the Charentais specialities that we think you should try when you stay with us at Bel-Air Gites

If you want the freshest produce then you have to take trip out to one of the many weekly markets. For fish and seafood our favourite has to be the market at Royan, where it’s freshly caught and sold the same day. But you have to get there early, because these markets are extremely popular with locals and tourists alike. Most of our favourite Charentais specialities can be purchased at the markets, depending on the time of year.

Fresh Oysters

Marennes-Oléron Oysters

Oyster farming began to be more commercially developed in Marennes in the 19th century. Today, the Marennes-Oléron basin produces around 40 to 60,000 tonnes per year. Most of the production is centred around the port of La Cayenne, about an hour’s drive from Bel-Air Gites. Even if you don’t want to try the oysters, it’s a pretty little village. Go for a day out just to see the charming multi-coloured oyster huts and the oyster beds established on old salt marshes.

The Marennes-Oléron oyster has a unique green colour, a delicate and refined aroma and a light, nutty flavour. You will find a lot of restaurants and stalls offering a tasting of quality oysters in the area around the port. Or you can even buy your own to eat on the spot, or take away. Oysters can be served raw as a canapé with a little dressing. Alternatively, they can be grilled, poached, fried or steamed.

Charentais Melon

Another of the Charentais specialities is the hand-picked Charentais melon. It’s a member of the cantaloupe family and was imported to France around the beginning of the 15th century.

The melons are harvested in July and August, and sold at the local markets. If you want to make sure the melon is ripe, pick it up. It should feel heavy, and if it has a little crack near the stem then this is a sign that it’s ripe. Perfect when served with summer meals and aperitifs, and goes particularly well with a chilled white Pineau des Charentes.


In Charente, they don’t talk about “escargots”, but “cagouilles”, the popular garden snails common in the area.

Enjoy a delicious pan of snails stuffed with meat, and slow-cooked in a white wine and tomato sauce. We can even give you the recipe for cagouilles a la Charentaise

Black Truffles

Most people associate the truffle with the south east of France and the Périgord. But the Charente also has numerous truffle patches, because they live very happily next to vines. Some connoisseurs will even tell you that the scent of the truffles is one that can be found in cognac’s array of aromas. Most truffle patches in the Charente produce the highly-prized ‘Tuber Melanosporum‘, or Périgord black truffle. The famous truffle market at Jarnac is on every Tuesday from December to February. You don’t have to buy. Just go to take in all the sites, sounds and aromas of this wonderful market.

One of the reasons why black truffles are so expensive is because they take so long to grow before they can be harvested. For example, from 100 trees only 30 or 40 might actually produce truffles. On average it can take between 6 and 8 years to see the first truffle. 


glass jar of estuary saffron

Do you know that saffron is the only spice derived from a flower? It’s another one of the treasures of the Charente, and one that we have shared with you in a previous article. It’s another very expensive commodity, but it can be used in so many different ways. Because saffron is rich in antioxidants there are a number of common ailments which herbal saffron supplements can help with. It’s safe to use in small doses, and very simple to add to any diet.

Manslois Cheese

No french meal would be complete without a good selection of cheeses. And we have found one which is a 100% Charentais cheese.

‘Le petit Manslois’ is a fresh artisan cheese traditionally made with cow’s or goat’s milk. Its texture is smooth and soft, and it has a very delicate and creamy flavour. It’s a very versatile cheese and can used in savoury dishes, such as pies and soufflés. Or simply mixed with herbs. But it can used in sweet dishes as well, and commonly used to make a delicious cheesecake with a hint of orange blossom.

That’s just for starters

So I hope we have given you some food for thought. This is only a small selection of the amazing food and drink that can be found in our wonderful region. Why not come to Bel-Air Gites and try some for yourself? Have a day out at one of the local markets, buy all your fresh meats, vegetables and cheese. Then get back to Bel-Air and create a delicious BBQ feast on your own private patio.

Making sure you and your family have an amazing holiday is just one of Bel-Air Gites’ Charentais specialities. Come and find out some more.

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Can you keep a Charente secret?

Image credit : P&C Authentic Pineau and Cognac

The Charente is famous for its food, vineyards and Cognac, but not everybody knows about Pineau des Charentes. It’s our little secret. And one of France’s best kept secrets, that shares much of its history with Cognac.

If you ask for Pineau des Charentes anywhere outside of France you might get a few blank looks. After being named an ‘appellation d’origine contrôlée‘ wine in 1945 it began to be more widely exported around the world. Surprisingly though, it has not hit the top of the luxury brand market in the same way as it’s closest relative, Cognac.

Maybe it’s more of an acquired taste, but it’s a drink that shares it’s history with Cognac, right here in the Charente-Maritime. And we are going to share our little secret with you.

Pleasant Surprise

Legend has it that in the 16th century a Saintonge winemaker mistakenly poured some grape juice into a cask containing eau-de-vie. It lay forgotten in his cellar for many years. When the cask was eventually opened he had a very pleasant surprise. The ‘mistelle’, or ‘grape must’, had matured into a delicious amber liquid, that had a warm, sweet flavour and a wonderful aroma.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how Pineau des Charentes was created.

The ‘terroir’ in this area is perfect for wine, cognac and pineau. There is one particularly famous region, very close to Bel-Air Gites, named ‘Petite Champagne d’Archiac’. Here, the limestone and chalky soil conditions are similar to that of Grande Champagne.

The vineyard benefits from a temperate oceanic climate, characterised by mild temperatures and sunshine, particularly favourable to the excellent ripening of the grapes.

P&C Authentic Pineau and Cognac is an upcoming, local brand run by childhood friends, who all have a strong, true family and friendship connection with Cognac and Pineau. In collaboration with the company EARL Lembert, based in Archiac, they produce one of the best pineau we have ever tasted. It is a wonderful aperitif, and extremely good served chilled, with cold meats, fish and seafood. But because of its sweetness, it is equally delicious with fruit or a rich chocolatey dessert. That’s our favourite!

Family Tradition

The pineau and cognac process and knowledge has been passed down through three generations of the Lembert family. Everything relating to the production is done on site. From planting and harvesting, through to ageing and bottling. They love to share their stories and history and happily arrange tastings and tours at their property in Archaic.

When you stay at Bel-Air Gites we definitely recommend that you buy a bottle or two to try with your BBQ or dining al fresco, on your own private patio. Or take some home as gifts for your family and friends. They will send you back to Bel-Air Gites for more.

Better still bring them with you so that they can learn more about our little secret. Not just the secret about our wonderful Pineau des Charentes, but the fact that we are located in such an incredibly diverse region. There is something here for everyone to help make unforgettable family memories.

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We are now taking bookings for 2021. Get in touch so that you don’t miss out, and start counting down the days until you are at Bel-Air Gites.

Child-friendly gites, and fantastic family holidays in the sunny Charente-Maritime.

cormac-in pool
Flipping happy!

Images published with the kind permission of P&C Authentic Pineau and Cognac

Experience Traditional French Outdoor Markets

woman picking up grapes at a fruit stall

Traditional Outdoor Markets – the French way of life

French outdoor markets are a large part of everyday life. There are traditional fruit and vegetable markets, as well as many others offering a wider variety of fresh produce, depending on the location. The outdoor market is one of the French traditions that will never die because for locals they are a source of good quality home-grown produce. And for visitors they are probably one of the most authentic French experiences you could ever find. 

Typical French outdoor markets are a mix between a farmers’ market and a traders’ market. So as well as stalls offering local produce straight from the farm, you can also find fresh bread, wine, dried fruits, flowers and even shoes! You will be able to purchase everything you need for the BBQ and dining al fresco on your own private patio at Bel-Air Gites.

Local Markets

Most towns and large villages have a market once a week, but in larger towns, they can take place twice a week, or even every day.

fresh artichokes

Gemozac, which is about 7 kms from Bel-Air Gites has a market every Friday morning from 8:00 am until midday. There is a wide variety of produce available to buy – from fish, fruit and vegetable, to meat and local cheeses.

There’s also a monthly fair in the town every third Friday.

local bread seller

Royan market, about 30 minutes drive from Bel-Air Gites, is one of our visitors’ favourites. There is an excellent selection of fresh, local produce and it’s open 7 days a week from 7am-1pm.

This typical french outdoor market has a huge selection of stalls selling fruit and veg, meats, local cheeses, seafood, bread and gateaux. You need to get there before 10 o’clock to see this wonderful market at its bustling best. The locals are out to buy, not just fresh fruit and vegetables, but also the best seafood ‘catch of the day’.

Other daily morning markets close to Bel-Air are at Meschers sur Gironde, Saintes and Saint-Georges de Didonne. The outdoor market at Pons is every Wednesday and Saturday. All these towns are between 30 and 45 minutes drive away, and are just a few of the french outdoor markets that are close by. If you want to get up a bit earlier to drive a little further and make a day of it, then we can suggest many, many more.


Some of the larger french outdoor markets also have local artisans’ stalls selling clothing, tablecloths, hand-made bags and jewellery. Beautiful, locally produced, unique items that would make wonderful gifts for your family and friends.

Or why not just treat yourself to a pretty, perfect reminder of your fantastic holiday at Bel-Air Gites in the Charente-Maritime?

From us all at Bel-Air Gites, stay safe and well.

We hope to see you very soon


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