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Planning your summer holiday

Positive thinking?

Since the beginning of November we have been bombarded with Black Friday deals, Christmas sales and online shopping bargains. And they have all helped to take our mind off being in and out of confinement. But now, there is talk about vaccines, and spending time together over the holidays. People are beginning to sound a bit more positive, and some have even asked “are you planning your summer holiday yet?”

What’s on around Bel-Air

For so many businesses, including ours, 2020 meant putting life on hold. We have had several months when we weren’t allowed to open, and even when we did, it was with some trepidation. So we have gone above and beyond the recommended government guidelines to ensure that our guests and staff at Bel-Air were completely safe whilst they were here.

While we’re still in lockdown in France we have been planning our Bel-Air Gites summer family holidays. But not for us. We are checking out what’s going on around Bel-Air for our lovely guests.

And here’s a list of just a few events planned in and around Royan starting in April 2021.

Royan Events Diary

April – Kite & Wind Festival – three days of shows on the beach for the whole family. The ever expanding festival includes aerial displays which will enthral adults and children alike. Each year the festival unfolds along the length of the beach and welcomes regional, national and even international kite flyers and visitors. This is always top of our list because it’s free to watch all the displays, but there are also sessions where you can learn how to fly a kite, water sports and even flights in a hot air balloon. If you can’t get away for the summer then why not plan a holiday earlier in the year?

May – European Museum Night – there are several online events throughout the year. But in May, normally the closest Saturday to May 18th, museums all across European open for the night, free of charge. According to TripAdvisor there are 57 museums in the Charente-Maritime so there is plenty of choice!

Bordeaux museum planning your summer holiday
Planning your summer holiday

Warming up for summer

June – Rendez-vous aux Jardins – The first weekend of June over 2,000 public and private gardens are open to the public. There are guided tours, exhibitions and gardening workshops for adults and children.

Each new edition focuses on a theme relating to knowledge, protection, conservation and gardening: “the child in the garden”, “the stroll”, or “colours”.

Rendez-vous aux Jardins

June 21st – World Music Day

Planning your summer holiday World Music day
World Music Day – Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

Artists and music-lovers of all ages gather all over France, and now all over the world, to perform free of charge every year. It’s an unmissable summer event in the French people’s social calendar. So make sure you don’t miss it – wherever you are.

Just for starters

These are a few, just to start you thinking. If you can get away earlier then your travel costs might just be a little less expensive. So why not check them out, and see if you can’t bag yourself a bargain flight or a cheap ferry crossing? You can even use our Bel-Air Gites Holiday Planner to list your favourite events.

Coming soon

We’ll tell you all about the July, August and September events in our next post. So now, while everyone else is still wondering what to buy you for Christmas, you can be planning your summer holiday.

Wouldn’t that be the biggest and best surprise of all if you told them that you’d booked a holiday at Bel-Air Gites in the Charente-Maritime? And they just thought you were dreaming of Christmas.

summer events planning

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Bassins de Lumieres Bordeaux

World’s largest digital art centre

Bassins de Lumieres, Bordeaux

Unique experience

The beautiful city of Bordeaux in south west France is home to the newly opened Bassins de Lumieres. Although the original opening had to be delayed because of coronavirus, since June the venue has become a popular attraction. It’s a truly unique experience suitable for all ages. And this magical underground digital art centre, housed in a WW2 submarine base, is one of the few venues that is still open to visitors.

Enjoy a unique experience, explore limitless worlds, and allow yourself to be transported into the heart of art

Bassins de Lumieres Exhibitions

Until the 3rd January 2021 there are four exhibitions taking place. Each one in a different arena within the art centre. Two are dedicated to the works of Gustav Klimt and Paul Klee. And the others are ‘contemporary digital design creations’ – Anitya and Ocean Data. Each exhibition is an amazing fusion of motion design, with digital projections of vibrant images and colour. All presented to a backdrop of recognisable classical tunes by composers such as Beethoven and Mozart.

bassins de lumieres bordeaux art centre

In order to ensure the safety of visitors and staff, entrance to the venue follows strict health guidelines. These include limited numbers of visitors, reservations only, the compulsory wearing of masks and temperature checks.

Booking your holiday

Instructions on how to get there are included on their website, but from Bel-Air Gites it’s about an hour’s drive. From January 2021 there will be new and exciting exhibitions on at Bassins de Lumieres. So when you are booking your family holiday at Bel-Air Gites be sure to check what’s on the agenda. And once in Bordeaux there are lots of year-round attractions for the whole family to enjoy. In fact, you could easily spend a whole day exploring the city and cruising on the river.

So what are you waiting for? If you want a fantastic, family holiday, then book with Bel-Air Gites. Our child-friendly gites have everything you need. And much, much more.

Book Bel-Air Gites for 2021

Happy children playing in a swimming pool

The Best of Bordeaux

Mention Bordeaux and immediately images of french vineyards, and bottles of sumptuous claret-red wine spring to mind. But with a wide variety of tours and activities, you will find that Bordeaux is a family-orientated city. And as it’s only 90 minute’s drive from Bel-Air Gites, you can add it to your ‘Places To Go’ list.

Museums can be a cool alternative during the hot summer months
Image credit : Michal Parzuchowski on Unsplash

Bike Tours

Scattered all across Bordeaux, there are bike stations where you can hire bikes for adults and children. And with more than 200 kilometres of cycle paths, the Bordeaux urban area is a paradise for cyclists.

Explore the city-sights at your own pace. For a leisurely bike ride make your way along the Cours du Chapeau Rouge, down to the recently-renovated quays. Stop for a snack and a cold drink, then continue along the Garonne river path, to the Chaban-Delmas lift bridge. When you cross the bridge, the cycle path takes you along the right bank of the river. Here it is quieter and less-developed, but you get fantastic views of the Place de la Bourse and Old Bordeaux.

Place de la Bourse, Bordeaux – Image credit : Guillaume Flandre on Unsplash

Go back over the river via the Pont de Pierre, which was commissioned by Napoleon and completed in 1822. From there, you can coast down the slight incline to the Porte Cailhau and the Place du Palais. Overall this trip covers about 8 km, assuming you don’t take too many detours on the way.

If you prefer an official guided bike tour, you will find many firms that are reasonably priced with English-speaking guides. In the summer you might want to book in advance as it can get busy. Remember to take plenty of water and sunscreen.


Without a doubt, Bordeaux is a family-orientated city. And when it is hot outside, nothing can beat the cool, air-conditioned atmosphere of a museum. In Bordeaux you will be spoilt for choice. The city has eleven museums in all. With permanent collections devoted to fine arts as well as natural history, archaeology, and regional history. The Natural History Museum was created in 1791. With over 1 million specimens, it is one of the largest in France. It’s definitely worth a visit if there’s a budding David Attenborough or Indiana Jones in the family.

New Light Show in the Submarine Base

The long-awaited ‘Bassins de Lumières’, located in the submarine base at Bordeaux, opens to the public in June 2020. This enormous bunker, almost 20 metres deep, was built by the Germans to house submarines during the Second World War.

It regularly hosts temporary exhibitions and shows, but this year 2020, the Light Show opens for the first time. The transformation is incredible! Visitors will be able immerse themselves in art, light and music as they stroll through this incredibly atmospheric structure. Entrance is by ticket only, with discounts for families, and tickets can be purchased from Basin of Lights.

Parks and Gardens

French families love to take a picnic and get back to nature at the weekend. You can too, and as Bordeaux is a family-orientated city, the parks and gardens are free. For a complete list of family-friendly, natural attractions in Bordeaux check out these favourites on TripAdvisor

Did we mention the wine?

As we are in Bordeaux how can we not mention fine wines? Do you fancy a walking and tasting wine tour? If so, there is a 3-hour walking tour that includes wine tastings along the way. Your guide will shares stories about the city and shows you its landmarks as you walk, the cobbled streets. Take breaks at wine cellars and brasseries for tastings of the famous Bordeaux wine.

There are far too many Bordeaux wine and food tours for us to mention here. To get the lowdown on the best ones available, check out other travellers’ reviews on TripAdvisor. You might just have to stay a little bit longer at Bel-Air Gites to fit it all in.

Bel-Air Gites – Book for 2021

We are pleased to say that Bel-Air Gites is now taking bookings for 2021. So get in touch and start planning your next fantastic, family-friendly holiday.


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